Company Profile  


BAUEN CREATIVE PTY LTD 博文置业(澳大利亚)有限公司 

ABN 85 608 876 866 

Director: Dragan James 


  •  Dragan has been recognized as a boutique builder for more than 25 years. Dragan James Enterprises and BAUEN CREATIVE both related entities. 


  • Provides expertise, successful management of large and diversified teams of subcontractors with primary focus on time and within client budgets.  


  • Specializes on creativity gained from experience in architectural designed homes, heritage full restoration and building extensions, commercial shop/office fit out and facets in apartment build since 1996. 


  • Offers diverse experience in distinctive design, concept layout, material specifying, project management with exceptional quality control. 


  • Offers competitive market rates. 


  • Offers solutions to “make good” projects where others have failed.  


  • Provides superior knowledge and builds professional relationships with architects, clients, suppliers and contractors from project design to building completion. 




Any enquiry please email:  or   

By appointment contact 0419527030 (Dragan) or 0448625380 (Maggie 中文)